Once you become eligible for Medicare, you enter a “new” world of options with it’s own rules and vocabulary.  We’re happy to help you navigate through it, and look forward to meeting with you in person to explain how all of this will work.

We’re here to help our clients with ongoing questions as they work through the Medicare system:



1)  How does Original Medicare Work?  Getting Started with Medicare

2)  What is Part A?  Does it cost anything?

3)  What is Part B?  What does it cost?

4)  What is Part C (Medicare Advantage)?

5)  What is Part D?  What does it cost?

6)  Finding a physician who will work with your plan (Providers who Accept Assignment)

7)  If I have group insurance, what should I do? (Coordination of Benefits)

8)  Can I get help to pay for premiums or medical and prescription costs?

9)  When can I change plans? (Enrollment Periods)

9)  Adding ancillary benefits, like Dental, Vision and even Long Term Care or Life Insurance

Betty Lindstrom and Vicki Melendy are both certified annually to offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Medicare Supplement plans.  We are also “Authorized to Offer” AARP plans to our clients.  Betty has testified in court as an expert witness on Medicare plans, and even helps other insurance brokers find their own coverage when they turn 65.

We work with many insurance carriers and are independent brokers, wanting to help you find the insurance products that meet your specific needs while keeping an eye on your budget.  Betty has been working in the insurance industry since 1975, Vicki since 2002, and we have a very experienced office staff.  To learn more about our qualifications, please visit our main website at:  https://www.lindstrominsurance.com

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