Medicare Advantage plans in Santa Cruz County are currently all in the form of HMO plans.  All of the plans include Part D Prescription benefits. In Santa Cruz County, the only plans currently offered are from United Healthcare (Secure Horizons), Alignment (Sutter Advantage) and Kaiser.  Other counties have additional options, with benefits and rates differing, county by county.

The Secure Horizons plan, for $79 monthly in Santa Cruz County, includes doctors in both Dignity Health Medical Group and PAMF (Palo Alto Medical Foundation).  Kaiser’s plan is $89 monthly and allows access to Kaiser providers ONLY.  The new plan, Sutter Advantage, has a $59 monthly cost and allows access to PAMF only.

When you enroll, you’ll declare your primary care physician from one medical group or the other, depending upon the plan you’ve selected.

Plans vary in the amounts of copayments charged for each type of service, their prescription formularies, out of pocket maximums, etc.  We’ll explore those options with you when we meet.

If you select one of these Medicare Advantage plans, remember you’ll ONLY be covered when you utilize providers in your network (unless there’s an emergency and you’re out of the area).  You MUST get referrals from your primary physician before you see a specialist, who will be in the same medical group.

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