Medicare Supplements have been around since Medicare was introduced in 1966 and offer an insurance solution to “plugging the holes” or “filling the gaps” in Medicare.  These plans are sometimes called “MediGap” plans for that reason.  What are the gaps in Medicare?

Part A — Hospital Coverage — has a deductible per “benefit period” of $1,364 for the first 60 days you’re in the hospital.  Should you require a longer stay, there are “per day” charges of $341 to $682.  Yes, that’s PER DAY.  You’ll also be liable for $161.000 per day charges after the first 20 days of Skilled Nursing Care.

Part B — Outpatient Coverage — has a calendar year deductible of $185, covers 80% of most of your doctor visits and other outpatient services.  So you have a liability of 20% with NO maximum.  In addition, providers who will bill Medicare but do not accept assignment can charge an additional 15% of the Medicare Allowed Amount.

There are ten different Medicare Supplement benefit configurations distinguished by letters A, B, C, D, F, etc.  The most complete Medicare Supplement is “F”, which typically pays all of your “gaps” and leaves you with no out of pocket costs for any Medicare covered services.  There is also a high-deductible plan F, which provides the same benefits after you meet a deductible of $2300 (changes annually).

Starting in 2020, Plans F and C will no longer be available to people who are turning 65, but if you have one of these plans, you’ll be “grandfathered” and able to keep the coverage.  The government wants to be sure all Medicare beneficiaries from 2020 forward are responsible for paying their own Part B deductible.  Plan G is a good alternative for those beneficiaries.

Our office offers Medicare Supplement plans from many carriers, including plans from United Healthcare that are endorsed by AARP.  We are “Authorized to Offer” these plans, as well as those from Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Humana, etc.  Here’s a link to our quoting software (select age 65+ at the bottom of the page).

Every doctor in the U.S. who will bill Medicare or who accepts Medicare Assignment is available for you to visit.  There are no “Networks” when you have a Medicare Supplement and Original Medicare…..just ask the provider you’re about to see if they will bill Medicare, and if so, you’ll have coverage. 

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