When you’re covered under Original Medicare and a Supplement, it’s important to see only those providers who will bill Medicare.  Some doctors accept the amount Medicare says is “Allowed”, while others will submit bills to medicare but charge more than the Allowed Amount.  They can charge up to 15% in excess of this amount.  In example, if a given service has an allowed amount of $100, that provider may bill $115.  Original Medicare will cover $80 after you’ve met the Part B deductible, most supplements will pay $20 (more if you have “F” or “G”, less if you have “K”, “L”, or “N”).

You can see doctors in either category (Accepting Assignment or those who will bill Medicare but do not accept Assignment)  and have your supplement policy help with the bills.  If you have an “F” or “G” supplement, the entire 15% will be covered by your supplement.  For more information about lower costs with Assignment, see:


To find doctors and other medical professionals in your area who Accept Assignment, you can search on the Medicare.gov website at:  https://www.medicare.gov/physiciancompare/search.html 

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan (like an HMO), then you’ll need to see only doctors in the network for your plan.  You’ll want to reference the website for your insurance carrier to select your primary care physician, and then obtain referrals for specialists, when needed, from your primary physician.

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